Don Alder - Mr. Anderson (Baritone Acoustic Guitar)
Palettetar - Designed by Steve Klein
Armed & Dangerous - Don Alder - Greenfield Guitars G4-DA Signature fanfret
"Ami" - Don Alder using an Emerald Amicus 12
Arrows will Fly - Don Alder - Armed & Dangersous CD 2015
Harp Guitar - Don Alder
Marshal's Lanai - Acoustic Instrumental by Don Alder with guest Luca Francioso
Make My Day Marisa Tomei - Don Alder - All Star Guitar Night 2014
End Violence Against Women - Don Alder - Cherie-Lament
Mothers Day Story
Crazy 90 second Guitar Performance Canada's Got Talent - Don Alder
4 Four Hands Harp Guitar - Don Alder
Harp Guitar - Don Alder (Dyer Harp Guitars)
Harp Guitar - Man From LadyLane - New 2011 - Don Alder
"Rock Lobster Cove - B52's" 3D Guitar Night (Doug Towle, David Sinclair, Don Alder)
Harp Guitar Song -Acoustic Guitar Don Alder Dyer Harp Guitar
Actor Charlie Gallant comments on his role as Don Alder in the Rick Hansen Play
Don Alder & Michael Manring live performing "Blue Shift Principle" at 2009 Canadian Guitar Festival
Don Alder & Michael Manring live performing Sayonara.calm
the band Spinal Chord from Vancouver BC - Sam Sullivan, Don Alder, John Shepp Dave Symington
Don Alder and Cassius Khan - Tabla doing percussion jam at the Robson Valley Festival 2007
Don Alder - Acoustic - Blue Shift Principle - "Not a Planet" CD
Don Alder - Haunting Me - Acoustic solo guitar and singer songwriter - DADGAD