Checkout a few artists who love Goindee

Here's a few of our artists who've made Goindee their home.

Darian Renee

"For the independent musician, this is an invaluable tool."

For the longest time I've tried to figure out the most efficient way to build my website. The website builders I've used were confusing and had difficult to use interfaces. Goindee is the only website builder, designed by artists for artists, that made it simple to build a highly functional website in minutes.

GoIndee is the next level for all artists, whether you're looking to build a website or marketing your content. I was able to build my website quickly, synchronize all of my social media content & manage my marketing all from one dashboard.

For the independent musician, this is an invaluable tool!

Favorite thing about Goindee: "I was able to build my website quickly and seamlessly sync it up with my social media."

Joseph Lyle

"I have the tools at my fingertips to run the business and marketing side of my career..."

I love using Goindee because for the first time in my career as a musician I finally have the tools at my fingertips to run the business & marketing side of my music. Not only just tools, but intuitive and accessible tools. With Goindee's fully automated system I can finally have the complete freedom to create art without the business side bleeding into my creative world. Any artist looking to do what I've just described should highly consider giving Goindee a shot!

Shane Horner

"Goindee makes managing my website & social media as easy as possible, I love it!"

Shane Horner is a singer-songwriter from Twin Falls, Idaho. He uses Goindee for his official website as well as his complete social media management platform.

Favorite thing about Goindee: "MailChimp integration & Social Media Posting! With Goindee I've been able to exponential grow my mailing list & get people out to my shows. First off, there's nothing better than having a fully responsive mobile web site that looks amazing. Cheers to that! Secondly, with Goindee's incredible social media posting tools, I've been to grow my show attendance by 150%! It's incredibly easy to set up & fire off posts (at the right time, mind you) to keep fans informed about what's up and what's new. I love it!"

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